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When Was the Last Time you Hit Record?


It is entirely possible that I am the last person to discover this amazing idea but with the possibility that I’m not I feel the need to share!

Have any of you heard of Hit RECord? Some of you may have heard of Joseph Gordon-Levitt who got his first big start in ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ and has recently been making quite the name for himself in Hollywood. Most recently I’ve come across a project he has been working on with other industry professionals which I think is amazing! It may very well change the game for artists around the world in many areas.


So here’s the idea in a nutshell: Create a website where artists of all types can come together collectively to create art. More importantly is that now ‘hitRECordJoe’ (as his Twitter handle refers to him) has created an idea for a television program which will showcase the highlights of artistic products created by the online community of Hit RECord. In addition to showcasing this art, this platform is being treated as an actual online job market where art is produced and anything that is used is paid for. Brilliant right?

The way this idea was formed was clearly with a lot of creativity and tact because it is both inclusive and inspiring. When you make yourself a member you are automatically involved in the community. How much you choose to produce is up to you but it is filled with ‘advertisements’ or ‘creative suggestions’ for you to work from. Joe regularly posts general concepts that he may have for a segment on the TV program and invites all community members to create and collaborate.


This is my favourite part of this idea- The collaboration! An animator can post a video on the dashboard and a musician views the animation, is inspired by it and submits music to accompany it. Or a songwriter may write something but not want their vocals on the track so they may ask the community of musicians to submit  vocals for the track. Additionally, sometimes more specific ideas are required and in this case it operates like a normal job posting. Joe posts what he is looking for and asks for creative input and interpretation. These options give artistic individuals who don’t really know where to begin a starting point which I think is integral to the promotion of creativity.

While this site is definitely not new (as a creative individual I’m quite disappointed that I’ve only just come to realize it exists), I feel that it deserves the mention that I am giving it now. The creative possibilities that it allows are endless and in a world that can always use more art I think this is an amazing thing! So…What are you waiting for? Hit RECord!