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I Left My Heart in Toronto

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Half Moon Run- Need It (Cover)

I’ve included a link to my cover of the Half Moon Run song Need it above. I hope you enjoy!

So often I think I build something up in my mind so much that when it actually happens it’s a bit of a let down. Every once in a while though…Usually when I’m least expecting it I just have an all around great night.

Everything about it was perfect. It’s an odd feeling when you realize that a place makes you feel different. You walk a little bit taller and breathe a bit slower. It fits. It’s just that feeling, knowing it’s where you want to be. It’s exciting really. We were in Toronto to seeĀ Half Moon Run at The Phoenix the other night. As we drove to Toronto I kept getting flashbacks of while I was in Australia and listening to this band and knowing they were Canadian and feeling so excited to get to see them for the first time.

Even the drive to Toronto just fit. Traffic, music, darkness and lights. The perfect backdrop for a night of music and friends.

Once we got to The Phoenix I could feel it right away. The energy was insane. This dark, maze-like bar with red back lighting and oddly round industrial looking ceiling decorations. There was no band on stage but the atmosphere was enough to get the energy up. It felt like forever waiting to for them to come on stage but once they did…


Half Moon Run – The Phoenix, Toronto

I knew they were going to be good…I had no question. But I didn’t expect that. Incredible. The record is just nothing in comparison. They are incredible. It was also one of those shows that singes your memory so that you can’t forget a thing about it, you stand there and watch while you take everything in.

The show was their first one home in Canada since being away on tour and they were certainly as happy to be there playing as everyone was to be seeing them. They gave absolutely everything they had and it was tangible. Once in a while you go to a show where you don’t feel like you’re there to watch an act, you feel like you are really part of it. As the crowd sang the lyrics and howls echoed through the venue at every spontaneously perfect note it was obvious that this band has something. Something that makes you want to be friends with them and make music with them and then make love afterwards. Just a pure commitment to their music and their talents that made me want to run home, grab my guitar and try to grasp even a little bit of what they may have been feeling.

I have to confess that leaving Toronto I felt simultaneously elated and unfulfilled. I had to go home. It was over. Until next time anyway. I know I’ll get there, maybe not yet but soon enough. To collect the part of me that I left behind and create the next chapter.


On My Decision to Embrace Autumn

It’s happening now…Faster than I thought it would for sure. It’s getting cold. I’ve been in denial about it for a while I’ve realized. I have recently returned from living in Australia for the past two years, and more importantly in many of the warmer places! As much as I’m looking forward to winter in some ways…I’m just really not ready for the cold yet. The beautiful thing about traveling is that it lets you look at things in a different way when you come home and that is the perspective I’ve decided to take about autumn. I used to love this season when I was younger. I loved the cool crisp nights and the beautiful colours of the leaves and of course…Halloween. This past week I’ve really been loving the beautiful colours on the trees…It’s something I’d really forgotten about.

We are a bit spoiled here in Ontario because we are surrounded by trees. I lived in the same city my whole life and even on the occasions where my family traveled in autumn those beautiful colours were always there. It wasn’t until I left home to travel that I realized what a marvel it really is.

One thing I learned living in Australia is that here in Canada we are blessed with transitions. Truly blessed. I realized that every month of the year has a seasonal association to it in my mind and living in Australia was an experience of me constantly feeling out of the loop. A month would go by and I wouldn’t even realize it because I knew that September always felt differently than October whereas Australia (I lived in various places in Queensland the whole time- one of the warmer climates) doesn’t have these transitions. There are transitions of course, but well…The transition from what feels like summer to spring to summer again as a Canadian is definitely not the transitions I’ve experienced through our seasons.

Upon returning home to Canada I will admit that the adjustment has been huge for me. It was something that I really hadn’t anticipated which made things more of a challenge. The experience of traveling is composed mainly of the new experiences you will have and so that is your expectation. I’ve never met anyone who went home with the anticipation that things would be different though, and this is what I experienced. Since my return home I’ve learned that this is very common with travelers who leave for a period of time and I am embracing this opportunity to reinvent this home in my mind.

As the weeks have gone by since returning home I’ve really noticed how quickly things change around here, and in some sort of way I’ve adapted that idea to my perspective on this chapter of my life. If I can transition with the seasons and recognize the beauty that comes with it, I feel that I will have so much to gain.