I Must Confess…

Britney Spears, Secret Agent

It’s weird how happy this makes me.

The Lester & Charlie Review


We at the Lester & Charlie Institute of Forward Thinking like to fancy ourselves as being up-to-date on important things. We know how to search Google News, and we get regular Facebook updates from things like LOLCats and George Takei. We’re pretty sure we’re not missing anything important. So it was kinda startling to stumble across the revelation that one of our favorite child stars from long ago is all grown up and torturing Somali pirates.

Really! We all know that some child stars grow up to become drug addicts or media whores, but it turns out that formerMouseketeer Britney Spears is doing something different: Combating evil on the ocean by using her unique talents to make sounds that can drive pirates insane.

We should have seen this coming. We were vaguely aware that Britney’s been making these sounds for some time now, but we hadn’t realized their true…

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I Must Confess: I love Coffee


I don’t often think that people realize how much I mean that when I say “I love coffee”. It is my favourite thing. There is nothing better to me than a really good coffee. It’s like a piece of art. Art and dessert at the same time. That makes you feel fun. And energized. Mmmmmm. Rich, creamy and dark at the same time- like chocolate.  There is definitely an entire culture to it too that I think elevates the beauty of it. You go to a cafe and have a nice coffee. Listen to a bit of music, catch up. Espresso is this perfect coffee that is worth going out for, it’s a treat! And if you’re lucky you might even get a pretty surprise on top. Have I made you want one yet? 🙂




“Toto, I’ve got…

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…”

I need your help! I’m compiling a list of must-see movies for a new blog concept. I must confess…There are a lot of classics out there that I’ve never seen. I need your help in compiling my list! Please comment with your favourite must- see movie so I can get to work!