I’m Awake and I’m a Reflektor


They have done it again. I didn’t doubt it but it just feels like it needs saying. Arcade Fire have made a fun album that is so them yet at the same time something completely different. Lovey and dancy but yet not quite romantic dance music. It is an album that you will put on to listen to and just completely fall into. You may not even realize it but all of a sudden you are in the rhythm of the song and you realize how good it is. While each song sounds infinitely different than the last, you seem to almost loose your train of thought as you follow it with the sense that you’re being told a story. Such a truly Arcade Fire thing to do. The Suburbs did the same thing to me. The more I listened to it the more I realized what the story was and how every one song contributed by being stand alone tracks that fit the puzzle so well.

This year’s album feels like a friend you haven’t seen for a while but as soon as you see each other again you remember exactly why you’re friends. Changed a little maybe, but everything you’ve come to love is still there. The artistic quirkyness that is so Arcade Fire is there and present, but somehow you add trippy futuristic sounds, and bongo drums and they still make it work. The dancyness of the album is exactly what I had hoped for. Arcade Fire are so great at writing these epic anthems but underlying them is this catchy beat and this album has amped that up a bit. I think that this album tells the story as more of a journey. They reel you in to dance and move and feel with them. How can you not dance to ‘Here Comes the Night Time?’ It’s infectious. I just cannot wait to see them. I’ve waited a long time, and this is the year.


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